Our Services

Reali Supply has a variety of ways to service your uniform and safety needs and is always glad to meet your specific requirements by adjusting our service model to meet your company needs

Decoration to suit you.

Finding the right mix of design and functionality decoration needs can be a difficult task. It’s a combination that requires industry expertise, professional consultation, and certain specialization experience. Reali Supply is ready to fulfill all decoration needs, with a number of services ready at our disposal. Here are just a few of the specific services that we can offer you:


We ensure that your work-wear garments and various safety equipment ensures not only the perfect fit, but performs the perfect service. We offer unlimited alterations and additions for your gear, customizing your order until it surpasses expectations and satisfies all deadlines.

  • World leading brand Barudan Embroidery Machines
  • Up to 1,100 stitches per minute
  • Fifteen needle color options per logo

Screen Printing

In need of specific prints for your work-wear and uniforms? Reali Supply takes advantage of the most advanced machinery in the industry to accomplish production speeds unmatched by any competitor.

  • High quality production: Australian designed and manufactured
  • Vibrant looks: Six colour capability
  • Quick shipments: An average of one hundred shirts printed per hour

Digital Transfer

The ideal digitising solution. Making use of the latest technologies and the most efficient methods, we can provide the digitising needs that any company or industry may require.

  • Two plate arrangement
  • Pneumatic and automated operation
  • 400 x 400mm plate size

Customisation that considers all specifications

There’s no reason to stick with pre-made designs and routine styles. Reali Supply understands the need to showcase your brand and company in every aspect, to truly create an image that you can call your own. This is why Reali Supply offers custom design for all our products and equipment.

Custom Printing

The complete package. Brand and stamp all of your products with your logo, brand, or company name. Create a workforce that represents your company wherever they go.

Solving Specific Issues

Need something that the routine gear doesn’t provide? Just let us know what you have in mind—it is always our goal to provide the safest and most functional gear. Maintain compliance while allowing maximum flexibility.

In-House Specialisation Experts

If you aren’t sure how to solve an issue or get around a requirement, talk to us about it and we will help you figure it out. With a team of in-house experts with specialisations in a variety of industries, we can guarantee that the solution you need is right around the corner.

A methodology unlike any other.

Reali Supply values efficiency and customer satisfaction more than anything else, which is why we tackle every project with our exclusive and customised in-house system: Safety Uniform Management System (SUMS).

SUMS: It adds up

Through continued investment in technology and workforce output, we have set ourselves apart from our competitors in a way that gives time back to our clients. With the use of SUMS, we guarantee a customised system and approach when dealing with all aspects of your ordering including:

  • Placing and reviewing orders
  • Viewing individual product offerings and pricing
  • Reviewing company spending
  • 24/7 accessibility
  • Performance reporting
  • Multiple user logins for each company banner
  • Specialised customisations for each client’s order requirements
  • Ongoing development roadmap and product timeline, based on customer feedback

Supply that lasts.

Reali Supply provides only the highest-quality supplies and products to your company, ensuring that you receive the most value for your dollar. Contact us to learn more about the brands that contribute to our catalogue. We pride ourselves in only partnering with brands that are proven and trusted in their fields, prioritizing durability, longevity, and overall quality.

Fulfilling Your Tailoring Needs.

Looking for certain specifications for your tailored workwear or safety equipment? We provide unique and custom solutions, and connect you with the methods that will produce exactly what you need. Services include pre-packaged orders into employee names, sites and business units. We will dispatch to multiple locations minimising touchpoints, saving you time.